TET - small group personal training
in Mitte & Prenzlauer Berg

Individual training in a small group. As effective as personal training for a fraction of the cost

TET - Total effective Training

Power - Cardio - Balance

Each of these components makes up one side of our TET triangle. The three sides vary in length for every single one of us. One person may have strengths in the power dimension but a deficit when it comes to balance, whereas another may perform well in the field of balance but have weaknesses in the cardio zone.

The method involves small group personal training, meaning six to eight motivated participants training together under the guidance of a personal trainer working towards their goals, either as a team, as part of a challenge or entirely individually. Individual training is always the main focus with TET. Taking your current performance level as the starting point, we work on your goals in a targeted way.

The unique thing about this training concept is not just the level-based training for everyone from beginners to performance athletes but also the tailored aspect within each training unit for every single participant. This means that if, when surrounded by your sweating fellow participants during a TET Total session, you have a different training goal from your neighbour, the trainer will bear that in mind. So those aspiring to a perfect beach body will work on building up their muscles while those who want to lose weight will burn off the excess pounds.

Give a lifestyle training programme a try right now and bring your personal triangle into equilibrium. If you want to train in a motivated environment while also benefiting from individual care geared to your individual goals, come to TET and become a TETer!




Hi, I'm Erik

Thanks to years of experience interacting with my clients in 1:1 training, my experience at events with Nike, plus a detour as an athletics trainer in professional football, I know exactly what matters when it comes to personal training. It is important to have fun, to have a training partner at your side who can provide you with a well-motivated plan which is right for your individual needs and make sure that your training is intensive without placing excessive demands on your body.

Thanks to a sound education as a sports assistant, numerous licenses as a medically-approved personal trainer, nutritional adviser, health and preventive care adviser, I have built up a rock-solid foundation in many fields of sports science. Today I can describe myself as an educator in the fields of functional fitness, plantar fascia exercises and BodyArt Extreme. Additionally, I am very proud to be able to call myself a Nike trainer and sports book author, and have also created various training DVDs for Detlef D! Soost, among others.

Sporting greetings and see you soon!

Erik Jäger

Hello, I’m Dennis,

Since my childhood, I’ve been involved with different types of sports, ranging from martial arts to football and volleyball. I started working as a personal trainer for my clients in 2016.

My sessions combine stretching and power training. The main focus is on strategies to increase the mobility of different groups of people in an effective and targeted way. Your individual training programme starts with a comprehensive analysis / screening of your needs and goals. Do you want to lose weight but not have to constantly count calories? Do you want to develop your muscles and all-round fitness? Do you want to maintain, regain or improve your performance capacity? We will find the right programme and pace for all your goals. Whether it’s in the open air, at home or in a fitness studio - being active and having fun is what counts. Nutritional advice and regular relaxation are also part of the programme. Achieving quality together as a team.

Warm regards,

Dennis Hartmann

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